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Summary of the Event

This report provides an overview of the recent event organized by the AUT and UoA IEEE Student Branches, titled “Stand Taller in Career with IEEE” hosted by IEEE AUT SB on May 26th, 2023.  The event aimed to introduce and promote the IEEE student branches at Auckland University of Technology and the University of Auckland, while providing valuable insights into the opportunities and benefits offered by IEEE to its members and volunteers, followed by a technical seminar and a job search skills workshop. This report summarizes the presentations and workshops conducted during the event and highlights the number of registrations and participation from various institutions.


The IEEE New Zealand North (NZN) Section has been a pillar of support for the IEEE student branches at AUT and UoA. Their2 continued financial and organizational assistance has contributed significantly to the growth and success of these student branches. This report aims to express gratitude to NZN for their support while providing an overview of the event’s proceedings.

1. Presentation 1

Presenter: Dr. Haroon Rashid, Vice Chair, IET Young Professionals Section Malaysia

Title: Exploring the Potential: Unlocking Opportunities in IEEE for Members and Volunteers

Dr. Rashid’s presentation shed light on the vast potential and opportunities that IEEE offers to its members and volunteers. He emphasized the importance of active engagement within the IEEE community to enhance personal and professional growth. The presentation provided valuable insights into the various resources, networking opportunities, and career development programs available to IEEE members.

2. Presentation 2

Presenter: Professor Anurag K Srivastava, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, USA

Title: ML-based Approaches for Enabling the Cyber-Power Grid Resilience

Professor Srivastava’s presentation focused on the application of machine-learning approaches to enhance the resilience of cyber-power grids. The session delved into the challenges faced by power grids in the face of cyber threats and how machine-learning techniques can be utilized to detect, prevent, and mitigate such attacks. The presentation provided a comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge research in this field and its potential impact on the power sector.

3. Workshop:

Presenter: Melanie Holland, AUT

Title: Make Effective Career Decisions and Job Search

Melanie Holland conducted a workshop that focused on equipping the participants with essential skills for making effective career decisions and conducting a successful job search. Through practical tips, she guided the participants on how to identify their strengths, set career goals, develop an impressive resume, and effectively utilize job search platforms. The workshop received positive feedback from the participants and served as a valuable resource for their career development.


The event witnessed a total of 42 registrations. Among the participants, 12 were from the University of Auckland, 29 from Auckland University of Technology, and 2 from the Manukau Institute of Technology.

In conclusion, the event “Stand Taller in Career with IEEE” organized by the IEEE New Zealand North (NZN) Section proved to be a great success. The presentations and workshop provided valuable insights and practical guidance to the participants, empowering them to explore the potential opportunities offered by IEEE. The active support and encouragement from NZN were pivotal in making this event possible, and we express our heartfelt gratitude for their ongoing assistance.

The membership procedure for AUT and UoA IEEE student branches is currently underway, and we anticipate a substantial number of students to become IEEE members and actively engage in the enriching activities and initiatives offered by the organization.

We extend our sincere thanks to the NZN Section for their unwavering support, particularly their financial contributions, which have made a remarkable difference in the growth and development of the AUT and UoA IEEE student branches. We express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Ramon Zamora AUT IEEE SB Counselor, Dr. William Lu for promoting this event at MIT,  and Ray Xia, UoA IEEE SB Chair for hosting the event as a perfect MC. Their support enabled us to provide a vibrant platform for students to engage, learn, and grow within the IEEE community.

We look forward to future events that will continue to inspire and empower students in their professional journeys with IEEE.



AUT IEEE Student Branch


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